Heritage Party Rental – Tents

Frame Tent

Frame tents are 20' wide, 30' wide, and 40' wide.  They have no center poles so the entire space under the tent is available.  There are no center poles to work around.

Frame tents can be set up on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt without  having to drive in stakes.

Call for a customized quote.


Pole Tent

Pole tents are 20' wide, 30' wide, 40' wide and 60' wide. They are available in standard peak, high peak and double peak.

You can create the event look that you want with the different styles.  They look different from both inside and outside the tent.  From simple to dramatic.

Call for a customized quote and we can even do onsite evaluations!



Tent Accessories

Solid Sidewall

  • 20' Section
  • 30' Section

Window Sidewall

  • 20' Section
  • 30' Section
  • Pole Covers for Center and Side Poles

Fire Extinguisher and Safety Kits

Canopy Tent


  • 20' X 20'
  • 20' X 30'
  • 20' X 40'

Restroom Trailer


Choose the right size and style tent for your event.  Call one of our event specialists at 937-938-9368

  • Theatre Seating (chairs in rows): 6 sq ft./person
  • Rectangular 8' Tables w/ 10 Guests each: 8 sq ft./person
  • Round Tables w/ 8 guests each: 13 sq ft./person
  • Round Tables w/ 10 guests each: 10 sq ft./person
  • Cocktail Parties w/ 30% seated: 10 sq ft./person
  • Dance Floors: 12 sq ft./person
  • Bar Area (per bar): 100sq. ft.
  • Buffet Area (per table): 100sq. ft.